Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yost Vises 445 4.5quot, Exactly as advertised. Use it two-three times a week ... in my opinion

A yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Yost Vises 445 4.5quot Apprentice Series Utility Combination Pipe and Bench, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Yost Vises 445 4.5quot Apprentice Series

The Yost Vises 445 4.5" Apprentice series utility combination pipe and bench vise has a 180-degree swivel base and mounts to a workbench to provide clamping action for light-duty applications. The 180-degree swivel base adjusts the direction of the jaws for proper placement. Hand-tightening the lock knob on the base secures its position. The vise has a cast iron body with steel .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

A very well built vise. I'm impressed by how he handled smoothly and the way he felt strong by Chris G.

Exactly as advertised. Use it two or three times a week since I got it and no problems yet . by Frances Elizabeth Coffey

Very nice grip flashy. Do not use it much if at all. "Looks good mounted on my work bench tho""Sembra buono montato sul mio banco di lavoro tho""""""it""Looks good"1truefalse829020"mounted"2truefalse628230"on my"3truefalse583350"work bench"4truefalse419570"tho"5truefalse419780"Sembra buono"1"Looks good"829truefalse"It looks good"156truefalse"Good looks"0truefalse"Sounds good"0truefalse"Look good"0truefalse012"Sembra buono montato sul mio banco di lavoro tho""montato"2"mounted"628truefalse"installed"0truefalse"fitted"0truefalse"assembled"0truefalse1320"""sul mio"3"on my"583truefalse"to My"0truefalse"my"0truefalse"about my"0truefalse"in my"0truefalse2128"""banco di lavoro"4"work bench"419truefalse"bench"211truefalse"workbench"78truefalse"the workbench"0truefalse"the work bench"0truefalse2944"""tho"5"tho"419truefalse"tho it"0truefalse4548"""Sembra buono montato sul mio banco di lavoro t'ho"6"it"87 by Arod

The item was exactly as I dreamed when I ordered it its it works fine the measures go well together is a great tool. Really its technology meet like me. by Nazrul.


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